Welcome to Jim (left) and Bucky's (right) web pages. Bucky and Jim 2000

(At Gay's for Patsy's Provincetown Hoedown, October, 2000.)

Our pages of pictures.

Pictures we took during the New York City Hoedown, February, 2003.

The pictures we took during Mardi Gras 2003. (Or some of them.)

The pictures we took in France in May and June, 2004.

The website for our wedding.

The pictures from our annual San Francisco Hallowe'en trip.

Our beloved cat, Smudge, died on March 9th, 2005.

The pictures from the Fort Lauderdale Hoedown, March 25-27, 2005.

The pictures from the Prairie Dogs photo shoot in Larz Anderson Park, May 14, 2005.

The pictures of the Tulip-tree we planted in September 2009.

The music for the current ReneGaydes routine.

We hope you like what's here.

(And thanks to Ron for the photo!)

B + J